Hi, I'm Margaret!

A Product Designer with a decade-long background in advertising art direction, I am forever seeking that perfect harmony of creating pleasant user experiences and achieving business objectives. You can say I'm a bit of a people pleaser.

Having worked with multinational clients such as Citi and Canon, as well as small businesses, I have a keen understanding of time and budget constraints, as well as the true meaning of "it takes a village." Oftentimes I am collaborating with team members from various departments, outside vendors, and fellow designers. Though I have a strong expertise in meticulously crafting visual design and conceptual thinking, design is not an independent endeavor based solely on gut instincts. At its core, it is problem-solving and I like to frame my decisions based on research. My goal in UX is to help users feel a sense of accomplishment and alleviate their daily stressors wherever possible.

During my off-hours, I teach calligraphy classes and practice listening to feedback, supporting individuals with different levels of proficiency, and constantly iterating my workshops. I am a huge proponent of lifelong learning. When I'm not designing or teaching, you'll probably find me studying a new language, picking up a new program, or working with my hands.

Want to learn more about my journey into Product Design? I recently spoke to a group of interns about my experience!